How does the Pet Register work?




 First of all, you need to register your pet. To do this, see below.

 When a pet is found a phone call or email to Val will mean that she will check the description of the animals/birds on the data base to try and find a match. She then calls all the owners who she thinks are a possible match and if she is successful she will then give the details to them to contact the person who has given her the information.  

The system can also work the other way round – if you have lost a pet, you can call Val and she will take the details whether you have registered or not.   She would hope very soon to get a call saying that the animal is found or sighted.

With regard to micro-chipping. Some people think this is sufficient and therefore they have no need to register their pets. However, if an animal is sighted and the person spotting it is for any reason reluctant to approach it and take it to a vet where the microchip can be identified, then a pet could be lost for quite some time, causing unnecessary stress for both animal and owner.

 If you have lost a pet, or found one you think may be lost,

call Val Moore on 01959 574810 or email her at

 To register your pet

Click here to download the Pet Registration form & return it to Val at the address on the form, or by email.