Tatsfield Neighbourhood Plan

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Tatsfield Village Housing Survey

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Tatsfield Village Appraisal


Village appraisals took place in Tatsfield in 1979, 1994 and 2003. In 2013, the Parish Council considered whether to start work on a Neighbourhood Plan under government legislation promoted as a move to put power back into the hands of local residents, business, councils and civic leaders.  The path to such a plan would have to include a village appraisal to produce an assessment of all aspects of life in Tatsfield.

Accordingly, the Tatsfield Village Appraisal 2013 has been produced by a group of Tatsfield villagers independently of the Tatsfield Parish Council. It attempts to summarise the results of a questionnaire distributed to every household in the village in July 2013. The results were analysed during the period August to December 2013.

The report was published in January 2014 and distributed to every household in the Parish of Tatsfield.

The Appraisal is available for download HERE


The 2003 appraisal report can be found here. The questionnaire which formed the basis of the appraisal is available in four sections:

Part One           Part Two            Part Three            Part Four  

 If your broadband access is good enough, you can also download the Full 2002/3 questionnaire


Details of the 1979 questionnaire can be found here .