Updated 28 Nov 2020

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Good to Talk

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December edition of the Parish Magazine now available

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Tandridge district to move to Tier 2 (High)

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For details of how to order for postal delivery, please email us at:



What would you do with part of £100 million in Tatsfield?

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What does Tatsfield need? 

Think BIG. Be the SECOND to make a bid in Tatsfield.

Speak to your neighbours and community groups about how you can deliver exciting, inspiring and 'place-changing' projects together by using part of this fund.

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National Lockdown - Message from Tatsfield Parish Council

Corona Virus

In light of the latest national lockdown (5th November – 2nd December), Tatsfield Parish Council is, once again, working alongside Sheree’s Store and the Post Office to provide assistance to anyone who is unable to get out / has to self-isolate.

Sheree and her team will be able to make up food parcels and get them delivered to your door. Please phone the shop on 01959 928181 or Sheree directly on 07727 418968 with your orders.

Post Office: If you have a parcel or Letter delivered to the Post Office which you cannot collect, please phone them on 01959 575549 and they will arrange to get it delivered to your door.

Could we please ask the residents of Tatsfield to look out for each other during these difficult times. If you have a neighbour who lives alone please check on them or make us, the Parish Council, or Sheree aware so we can get in contact and provide assistance.

Tandridge District Council has help and advice contacts available on its website:


Extra financial help for businesses affected by national Covid-19 restrictions

 Corona Virus

Businesses required to close, or those severely impacted, between 5 November and 2 December 2020 under the national restrictions may be eligible for financial support through two new grant schemes.

 Businesses required to close due to national restrictions may be eligible for the Local Restriction Support Grant:

  • Properties with a rateable value of £15,000 or under could be eligible for grants of £1,334 every four weeks.
  • Properties with a rateable value of over £15,000 and below £51,000 could be eligible for grants of £2,000 every four weeks.
  • Properties with a rateable value of £51,000 or over could be eligible for grants of £3,000 every four weeks.

A discretionary one-off payment through the Additional Restrictions Grant is also available to some businesses severely impacted, but not forced to close, by Covid-19. 

Further details of the grant, including details of eligibility and how to apply, can be found on the Tandridge website.