Updated 2 April 2020

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The software used for the old Village Website was provided by Surrey County Council, but as the investment needed for continuing development is not available, the site is closing on 31 March. This website replaces the old one and has been developed with a similar look & feel.

The main change is to the  'Menu'  where the number of categories has been reduced. The website contains very similar content to the old one & if it's some time since you had a look around it, you are encouraged to take the opportunity to explore it now. You may be surprised at what you find!!

If you discover a mistake, or would like an item added, please email info@tatsfield.org.uk


Surrey CC Corona Information & Advice

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Recycling News

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At the current time the Waste Collection Authorities across Surrey are not changing their policies on refuse collection.

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Want to do more than follow Joe Wicks' routines to keep fit?

Tatsfield walks

Why not try one of the Tatsfield Walks?

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How Sheree's Shop is Helping Tatsfield with Covid 19

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Fancy a chat online with other Tatsfielders?

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Coronavirus in Tatsfield 

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On 25 March there was a report that a person in Tatsfield has coronavirus


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Coronavirus: Community Support Advice

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Tatsfield Parish Council is working alongside Sheree’s store and the Post office to ensure anyone having to self-isolate will be able to receive food and supplies during this difficult time.

Latest Information: The latest information from Public Health England on Coronavirus or COVID-19 can be found on their website by clicking HERE

Sheree’s store:- Sheree and her team will make up food packages and get them delivered to your door 7 days a week. You can phone the shop on 01959 928181 or phone/message Sheree direct on 07727 418968 with your orders. Sheree and Simon are keeping the store fully stocked with Bread, Milk, Tinned food, Paracetamol and other basic medicines, Toilet rolls, Soaps, Newspapers and all your basic needs so please do not hesitate to phone through your orders so they can help and arrange delivery. They take payments over the phone so no need to panic about needing cash available.

Post Office:- If you have a parcel or letter delivered to the Post Office which you cannot collect, please phone them on 01959 575549 and they will arrange to get it delivered to your door.

‘Check your neighbour’
Could we please ask the residents of Tatsfield to look out for each other during these difficult times. If you have a neighbour who lives alone please check on them or make the Parish Council or Sheree aware so they can get in contact and provide assistance.

Leaflets will be posted to every household in Tatsfield to ensure everyone is aware of these services, but please also share this information to anyone not on Social Media or those who don't see the Village Website.


 Parish Magazine for April

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