The Parish Magazine is published for the village by the Magazine Committee under the authority of Tatsfield Church

Editors:   Tracey Syrett and Tara Barry (email: tatsfieldpm@gmail.com)

Chairman:  Revd Vince Short (email: vince@lttm.org.uk)
Treasurer:        Madie Langford (577114) (email: madielangford@btinternet.com)
Advertising Manager:      Sarah Tait (email: tatsfieldmag@gmail.com)
Distribution Managers:     Jim and Ruth Yeeles (577489) (email: jimandruth@yeeles.co.uk)

The Magazine is published monthly (except in August).  It is delivered free to every household in Tatsfield and to some Titsey households, local businesses and local libraries.   It may also be viewed on the village website (see below).

Contributions, including suitable letters, are welcomed from village residents and organisations.   If possible these should be sent  as Word documents attached to an email sent to: tatsfieldpm@gmail.com. The copy date is 16th of the previous month.

Small ads are only accepted from Tatsfield and Titsey residents (no trade adverts) and are free (if possible, limited to 10 words).
Adverts are arranged yearly – from April to March.  Enquiries should go to the Advertising Manager.


Click on the appropriate month to download the Magazine

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2017 Jan/Feb M A M J JAug S O N D
2018 Jan/Feb M A M J  JAug S O N  D
2019 Jan/Feb M A M J JAug  S O N  D
2020 Jan/Feb